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Essential Guide to a Changing Jobs Landscape


The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly and radically changed the workforce. Those changes are still evolving and nobody is quite sure what the prolonged impact will be. In this new environment, job seekers need to be savvy about what companies are looking for and adaptable to new ways of defining a successful career.

In this book, Narinder Mehta provides a framework for defining how your skills fit into the job market, identifying relevant roles, and navigating the interview and negotiation process. He ends with ideas on how to think about defining a happy career over a lifetime and a deep dive into his own experiences as an executive who successfully navigated his career across two continents.

The job search process can be complex and challenging. This thoughtful guide provides the structure to make the process as successful as possible.

                                                             -Ravi K Mehta

Finding a Suitable Job in this New World

With the Covid-19 pandemic scanning all businesses worldwide, job search has become extremely challenging.

The book "Jobs and Covid-19: The Pathway to a Happy Career" provides a clear step-by-step approach for potential job seekers to identify their skills, prepares resumes and cover letters. Also guides them how to identify suitable employers and prepare for job interviews. 

The processes described in this book will continue to be very useful to job seekers even after this pandemic has faded away.

                                                                -Sudhir Bansal

Rethinking One's Career

If you are like so many who during the pandemic thought about changing careers but wasn't quite sure about how to go about the process, Narinder Mehta's latest book contains a wealth of information as to how one might successfully transition to a new long-lasting successful career. 

The book offers a fantastic blueprint one should employ before initiating the job search during these unprecedented times. Following the outline that Mehta suggests will help secure a job offer that many may not have thought possible given the current state of the economy.

                                                                -Brian Day

New Realities 

Jobs and Covid-19 is a great book that should be required reading in these uncertain times. He explains the changing work conditions, new challenges requiring better preparations, knowing our strengths, believing in ourselves, interviewing, negotiation, getting over the roadblocks, and building a happy career.

                                                              -Rajinder Gandhi MD

Meaningful Job Guide

This book provides a very useful guide of how to succeed in the current job market. The book provides a well defined process in how to have a rewarding job search. The chapters are well organized and provide insights on the tools available and useful checklists to address the skills that an applicant needs for a winning search. The chapters on interviewing and negotiating salary and benefits should have value to many job seekers. Overall, the guide is a well focused tool for individuals seeking rewarding positions.

                                                            -Howard C Knauer

A must read in current times

It was recommended by a friend and am so glad I read it. Beautiful step by step guidance to all the job seekers to prepare themselves for interview during these difficult times and get your dream job. A must read indeed.


My Review

I have just completed the latest book by Narinder Mehta: Jobs and Covid-19. The advice is clear as the author anticipates the needs of people adjusting to changes in the workplace caused by Covid-19. I was particularly impressed with the analysis of matching one's skills to the market place in its present form. It is a perfect blue print for a successful career. Thank you for your efforts in this regard.

                                                          --Amazon Customer


This book has a wealth of usable information, guaranteed to provide you with lots of helpful information. This is true no matter how many career-focused books you have read. Ideas are presented in an easy-to-apply and understand ways. If you want one book to help you through the pandemic, this is it. Take my word for it.

                                                        -I AM A CRITIC

A meaningful "Jobmap"

The author has created a sound set of instructions to help you find the job you want even in today's trying times. Follow the steps provided and move forward on your own but absorb the many recommendations to make your job search more productive.

This book is the distillation of many yers experience boiled down to what is really important in winning your dream job. You can do it with this book's help.


Sell yourself better and land your dream job!

Narinder Mehta. author of many career transition books, has an extraordinary ability to help you identify your dream job, simplify your job search and discover the happiness at work you deserve. Read this book and discover why I recommend all of Narinder's books to all of my career transition clients.

                                                      -D Helge

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