“The strength of Narinder Mehta’s guide comes from its relevance

to today’s market. He features components of the job search that have

always been important, but he has updated them for use in a contemporary

context. “Social Media and the Job Search” is a section of the book

we found to be particularly strategic as it not only lends advice on how

to use popular social media for advancing your career, but also focuses

on properly conducting yourself within these sites so as to project the

best professional image — two objectives we highlight in our own work

at Corporate Class Inc.

— Diane Craig, President and Founder, Corporate Class Inc.

“I found Narinder Mehta’s book to be one of the best basic job

search guides I have seen. It was easy to understand, concise and contained guidance on how to succeed in a search. I liked the way he utilized his personal success story as a teaching tool and feel it made the 

book relevant to many job seekers as a real life success story. The book

has excellent chapters with concise tips and solid checklists to make

a job seeker well prepared. The material is better focused than many

guides I have seen.”

— Howard C. Knauer, Independent Financial Consultant

“The author obviously knows his “stuff”. I sincerely feel this is a must

read for anyone pursuing a new job at any level. Throughout there are

valuable “nuggets” that could only come from considerable experience.

A lot of information for the price!”

— Charlie Galloway, Principal, Moran, Stahl & Boyer

“This easy-to-read book has many unusual tips from an executive

recruiter that can help you discover your ideal job. The internet resources

and the resume and cover letter sections are quite extensive. Enjoy

Narinder Mehta’s heartfelt encouragement to build on your strengths

and believe in yourself so you can secure a job that will make you smile.”

— Dr. Doris Helge, Author “Joy on the Job” and other bestsellers

“Reading the book was a great experience. The book is very well

written and quite easy to follow. The Five Step approach also teaches the

job seeker a structured way of entering the job hunting universe, which

otherwise can be quite challenging and sometimes disconcerting. The

chapter on Internet Resources is extremely valuable. I hadn’t imagined

the vast resources now available.”

— Sudhir Bansal, Retired - Vice President at J P Morgan Chase

— Leonard J. Schultz

“I loved the book. It was very practical, informative, easy to understand,

and gives the reader that one intangible needed -- Hope. I especially

enjoyed the first story of the 21st boy. It immediately caught my

interest and attention. Thank you.”

“I found the book to be an easy flow. It is relevant to today’s work

environment. Relatable to all ages and all stages of careers. It has

something for everyone. The author’s immeasurable wisdom and expertise

is apparent throughout. The emphasis on goal setting and

writing things down for relevance is impactful. I recommend anyone

interested in self-development, personal and professional success not

only to read this book, but re-read it and bless someone they want to

invest in with a copy.

— Pamala McCoy, CEO, BONA5D Credit Consultants, LLC

“I enjoyed reading the book. It is presented very logically and thoroughly.

I thought that the many research references were very helpful.

The section on Interview Tips was particularly helpful, especially for

someone who has not had a lot of experience in interviewing. Even experienced

interviewees will pick up tips and possibly identify weaknesses

in their approach. Changing careers is another important aspect. If you

are not happy in what you are doing, the skills assessment exercise in the

book provides direction on how to evaluate your transferable skills to determine

what would be a better fit for a career. I must say that the author

really did an excellent job in putting this book together. Congratulations

on such a great result.”

— John Frey, Retired - Executive Vice President, BBVA Compass Bank

“I have worked for two very large international companies that are

very well known in many countries throughout the world and I have

been an entrepreneur for many years. There is one thing that is common

with those experiences: finding and hiring the best person that fits

the career opportunity is a challenge. Recently I ran an ad to fill a position.

In a matter of a few days over 125 resumes were submitted; 99% of

those persons will have a better chance at finding the right opportunity

if they read Mr. Mehta’s book and followed his advice. This book will

sharpen your job hunting skills and increase your chances of landing

the best fitting position for you. Mr. Mehta has written this book with his

passion to help others. The benefits can be yours.”

— John Kurowski

“No one should look for a job without reading this book: I have always

sought ways to get an edge on my job competition. My shelves are

filled with books about landing a great job. But none truly offers advice

the way Mr. Mehta does. His book is written in simple language that’s

easy to understand and avoids confusing buzz words. Narinder has years

of experience in executive recruitment, and he generously shares his

knowledge and insights with you. He has an unbroken track record in

publishing books on job search, and here is another excellent book with

extremely valuable insights, suggestions and techniques. It makes perfect

sense. No matter what level the reader is—first timer or old hand—all

will take away something valuable; something that can make a difference

between being “one of the applicants” to becoming a real contender and

winner. Forget the other books. This is the one that will help you define

your goals and objectives so you can move into a great job and career. It

also whispers some unknown secrets and keys to success.”

— Rochelle Sollish, Founder/President at The Marketing Garage

“This is a splendid and well thought out publication for the new

generation of young people who are exploring for ways and means to

get the job they aspire in their career. The book details some of the

simple and basic steps one needs to take for setting goals and achieve 

their ambition. Narinder Mehta’s immense professional background, indepth experience and more importantly sharing his own thoughts, are

useful tips for anyone. Again, it is written in simple plain English and

any prospective candidate will immensely benefit from it. A tremendous

contribution to the new young world.”

— R. Balachandran

“In today’s economy, the most successful job-seekers are those best

equipped to find the perfect position that suits their skills and passions.

Narinder Mehta’s “5 Steps to Your Next Job” is a comprehensive guide

that will assist you in putting into place every element essential to landing

your perfect position.”

— Dr. Joe Rubino

Founder of The Center for Personal Reinvention and Creator of The Self Esteem Book

“I finished the book and thought it was excellent. It was very easy

to read and understand. In addition, it is filled with specific steps one

needs to follow to find their next career job. There were a few “aha”

items in there for me. For example, I did not realize how important the

cover letter was. I assumed that the resume was more important. Also,

how important transferable skills are in a person. The career development

and career change section was very inspiring. This gives the reader

hope and a strategy for changing the direction of their career. This book

provides the job seeker a road map for finding their next career position.

I presumed that the book was going to be a little out of date as it

relates to social media and the Internet’s robustness to help find jobs

and craft resumes. I was quite wrong. It is very relevant for 2016.”

— Joe Barsi, Owner, Nugget Holdings, LLC

“This is an outstanding well written book that guides and prepares

you for an effective job search. It is well organized and easy to read.

Learn from the expert’s wise advice to anyone seeking a new position

or career. One thing I learned very early in my business career is to seek

out and learn from the experts and leaders. This is another outstanding

resource for anyone in the job search mode. Finding a position in an

industry that you are passionate about is worth pulling out every stop so

I would recommend this book highly if you are in that pursuit.”

— Russ Schoper, President, Business Development International

“Scintillating, spectacular, wonderful!!!! I loved it. It was particularly

timely for me since I am starting my own job search now. Thanks for the


Bob Kebartas