Ace Your Job Search in 5 Steps

About the Book

The book reveals a step-by-step pathway for finding your dream job. It presents a framework to assess personal skills, put together resumes and cover letters, identify potential employers, prepare for job interviews, and evaluate job offers.  It shows how to effectively use the Internet for a job search.  It is based on Narinder Mehta’s experiences as a job hunter, as a hiring manager for large employers, and as a recruiter with an executive search firm. He shares many powerful techniques for building a successful career. 

“Scintillating, spectacular, wonderful!!!! I loved it. It was particularly timely for me since I am starting my own job search now. Thanks for the opportunity!”

— Bob Kebartas

“This book is a must read for anyone interested in securing a good job and achieving long-term career success."

— Professor Connie Wanberg, University of Minnesota

“This easy-to-read book has many unusual tips from an executive recruiter than can help you discover your ideal job."

— Dr. Doris Helge

    Author "Joy on the Job" and other bestsellers

“I found this book more valuable than the two days I spent with a major outplacement firm.  It provides one a better road map for finding their next career position,"

— Joe Barsi