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About the Book


The road to a happy career starts with a job you love. When you get a job that matches your skills and job interests, you are well on your way to a successful career. This book will show how to identify the skills you enjoy using and reveal a pathway to get the job that matches your skills. The book is based on the author's experiences as a business manager and as an executive recruiter. He shares many powerful techniques to navigate the post-pandemic environment and build a successful career.

"Narinder Mehta, author of many exceptional career transition books, has an extraordinary ability to help you identify your dream job, simplify your job search and discover the happiness at work you deserve. Read this book and discover why I recommend all of Narinder's books to my career coaching clients.

— Dr. Doris Helge

    Author "Joy on the Job" and other bestsellers

"It is a great book and look forward to sharing copies with friends, family, and colleagues. A lot of great information and the key message is to find out what your strengths are, what your passion is, and develop a plan to achieve your goals."


                                                -Joe Barsi, President at California Giant Berry Farms

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